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Ah yes, it has happened to me again - I was crusing along in my Johnson Seasport and smelled something hot - naturally I checked the
water stream out of the sterndrive, then felt the manifolds - water was running fine and the manifolds were cool - so all must be OK!
Wrong! and I should have remembered because it happened once 12 years ago - the smell and heat were coming from the main bearing in the
intermediate housing - the seal gave way and the oil slipped out - fortuneately I was able to idle the mile back to the dock - but the
first time it happened it happened far from the dock and quickly - the bearing siezed, burned the bearing housing seat, and the spindle
on the shaft broke - high and dry and had to be hauled home. So, remember to pull the screw above the sterndrive and check the oil -
also look for small amounts of oil on the top of the exhaust tunnel running to the sterndrive. Some models have grease zerks instead
of oil - given em a pump of grease as well. Dave

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> << In Michigan, a 17 OMC Deluxe, V4 I/O.
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> Isn't that the hull design that generated a lawsuit from the original
> designer ?
> I understand that the hull is extremely efficient.
> Johnson had to change their hull design due to the lawsuit - Am I correct on
> this?
> Lee Hazen
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