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I was trying to figure out the same thing . . .
I thinks it's Favorite Local Auto Parts Store, since Mark is a hot rod

BTW (By The Way :-) ) - I should respond to the roll call request for
outboard owners on the list: I've still got my Johnson Deluxe 16 with the
90hp Johnson outboard. I'm hoping to finally get into the restoration full
bore starting this winter with the motor. I must admit, though, I was
drooling at the Evinrude Sportsman 155 that was on ebay in northern Idaho
recently. It could have be an easy overnight trip to get it and bring it
home to Vancouver, BC. The Sportsman is probably my ideal boat choice
right now and you guys are making them sound so irresistible!

PS - My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina. In
Canada we're just as awestruck, saddened, and (most recently) disgusted by
what we're seeing and hearing. Lee Shuster - how are things at Old Hickory
Lake? Did you just get a lot of rain?

Regards to all,
Greg Van Vliet

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Anybody clue me in to as what FLAPS is?

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> if you want a relay that has stud connection and a monster heavy
> capacity. goto your FLAPS and ask for a 90's chevy truck dual battery
> relay. they are about 45$ and can handle 50?100? amps. i use them in my
> hot rods with pleasure.
> mark
> PN after i get off my butt and go look in the shed.
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