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I take my boat to the self-serve car wash and power wash it. Know what your
saying about gas, last night one station here was $3.69 a gallon. Station I
trade at was $3.19, filled up all three cars, spent a small fortune! My C20
HD pickup gets 12 MPG around town, doesn't get driven much lately.


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> Thank you for the input, just what I was looking for. I assumed the
> tach and spedo were less than accurate considering the boat is over 30
> years old. I will try one of the tinytachs for next year. This will be
> our last weekend on the lake, with gas so high I will be putting her
> away for the season earlier than later. Now that she runs good I can
> fix the interior of the boat, cant wait! My seats are original but have
> rips, the running lights are removed and need to be re-installed, the
> flooring is curling a bit, and the hull is filthy. For industrial
> cleaning, especially mold, I use TSP and Bleach mixed with water, it
> works great for preping a house to be painted, can I use this cleaning
> solution on my hull?
> Thank you all for the priceless knowledge that you offer, I would be
> lost without it!
> Sincerely, Paige
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