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This guy cracks me up. He buys the boat to tow it behind his classic 59 Chevy Wagon, but it turns out it's too heavy to tow. What's he got a Stovebolt 6 behind those bling, bling wheels?

Sorry, but I couldn't help but LOL :)

Read his ebay description:

1964 OMC 17' Deluxe IO V4, The boat is in good to very good condition. I know nothing about boats but I do kow this one is the ugliest boat i ever seen so ugly it kool looking. Ok heres the deal I bought the boat to tow behind my 1959 Impala station wagon to car shows UNTILL i tried towing it my car did like it tooo much so instead of putting a diff motor or gearing in my car im selling the boat. The boat floats, and has everything there to make it a greatest family cruiser on the lake with a little TLC. I had the motor running for a bit but i think it might need a little more than i can offer or want to spend on it. The electrical is all there and working the horn blows, the wiper works, the windshield even goes out with a ondash switch very cool i never seen that befor on a boat.boat and trailer all one price, and questions on it please call me 262-227-9404

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