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Here's a scan of the Sweet/Sport-16 hull showing the stringers and motor pads that have been glassed-in before the foam and floor and been installed.
It appears the stringers come forward to about where the front seats are located. It's been scanned from the 1965 Evinrude Boat brochure.

Lee Shuster
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  That makes perfect sense that they used a press to hold the floor in place and injected the foam mix. There are glassed over holes near the runners where I think they injected. Was there a sheet of plastic between foam and floor that was removed before the plywood was glassed in? I say that because the top of the foam had smooth folds rather than raw edges. I spent hours working over that floor and trying to figure out how Old Eb did his thing there at the factory. Just a minutia question. The foam from Fibre Glast is called #24 & #25 polyurethan Mix and Pour Foam and is dead on to the original foam. There are all different kinds of this foam I think and some expand more than others therefore have differing densities and uses. I used about 2 gallons each for a total of 4 gallons mix to do the floor. It really is a treat to use the stuff - especially larger amounts - it rises fast and dries to touch in about 5 minutes. It is closed cell foam so it is not supposed to waterlog but probably will if freezing repetitively in the winters. You see similar foam in the hardware store that you spray in holes and cracks and it expands to fit. The 24,25 foam is not as yellow in color though. One more Question before I go - There is a screw hole in the top rear of the Intermediate housing on the 69 Rogue where I think there was a bumper ( metal ? rubber? ) to match the rubber bumper that is on the front of the stern drive cap. I have looked at pictures for years and have yet to see the part that is supposed to go there. It is not listed in the OMC stern drive parts manual for that year. Haven't seen it on ebay. Its not the lube filler screw. Anybody out there with any clues? PS I did a nice job repainting the prop and foot and am ready for at least one more trip to the Waccamaw River before winter. Tom K.

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