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David and Dave

Thanks for the reply. I have a 1964 Sport 16 that I bought new. Started out with a 90hp evinrude, upgraded that to a 100hp evinrude and now have a 125 hp Johnson. Engines were a lot cheaper than, my 125 cost $1400.00. I changed out the steering to a hydraulic system. Rebuilt the hull and replaced the foam because of a crack in the hull.

I need to replace the water pump in my Johnson 125 o/b. The boat place wants over two hundred dollars which seems like a lot. I have the repair manual so I am going to try it myself. I have worked on cars engines all of my life but this will be the first outboard work, other than minor tune-ups. Any advise as to problems that I might have or special precautions that I should use would be useful.

Love to see any pictures. I am going to upload to my web site some when I get around to it.



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  I have a Sweet 16, with 115hp OB model. I have done extensive repairs on the boat.


  If I can be of any help, you need only ask. It would be my honor.


  David Avedesian

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     Hi again


  Most of the conversation seems to be dealing with I/O motors. Just wondering anyone else has O/B motors or is this not the right forum for that subject.



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