[omc-boats] Re: Old-chevy-truck

From: mark <ccpanel@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 13:39:49 -0700 (PDT)

hey bob,
im pretty new/clueless when it comes to boat motors
i can point you at the boat forum or forward your mail to them but i
got 2 evinrude boats and am realy clueless. one has a buick v8 and the
other a little I/O 88hp v4.
i will forward your mail to them.

--- REMWilsonWY@... wrote:

> Mark
> I saw your message on the gas gauge that noted you got the link from
> a
> Evinrude boat forum.
> I am hoping that you know something about boat motors as well as old
> chevy
> trucks.
> I have a question. I have two old boat motors that I know nothing
> about and
> have never tried to start. I would like to learn more about then and
> use them
> but do not know where to begin.
> The first is an small Evinrude Sportsman motor with the serial number
> 4416-16756.
> The second is a very small Neptune Mighty Mite, Model WC1 with serial
> number
> C1032RK.
> Any ideas or tips will be very much appreciated.
> Bob Moore
> 1952 3604/5W
> 1950 3608/3W


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