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You can get a ready-to-run Buick V6 (odd-fire) GM HEI system from the links on my website:

Squeezing it in is not all that hard, it involves grinding down a bolt head for some extra clearance.

Lee Shuster

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>I was thinking of going with a GM electronic but not sure what would fit my 1966 engine. When I changed the distributor in my 1973 Buick Apollo it was a snap as GM changed distributors to electronic in 1974. Anyhow I put plugs, points, rotor and distributor cap in today. Found the #4 and #5 wires crossed. This engine couldn't have seen many hours. Plugs and points looked like new. Pulled rocker covers no gummy build up at all.
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> Lee makes a good point (sic) on points, but I should mention that I have been using GM electronic distrubutors (even though they alter the stock look) for 20 years now and have never had one go out - I have known the conversion kits that others had (not in OMC boats) to fail, but my old GM distributors have yet to let me down. I have had points, resisters and coil problems with the original system, but must admit I have always been able to limp home. Dave
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> Going to stick with points for time being since I already have a set. Found the same product here comparable pricing free shipping.
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