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What would the oil pump look like? And what side of the top would it be on?

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  some of the V4 two cycle engines had oil injection - the oil pump and tubing is
  readily visible on the top of the engine - if none there, better be sure oil is in
  the gas.

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> << I've also run across a couple of ads on this site that lead me to believe
> that mixing the fuel with oil was not necessary in their stern drive engines
> ( Is
> this true of all of their stern drives? >>
> I don't think the boats that used outboard power heads with stern drives had
> an oil tank back in those days. Those engines required a 50:1 oil/fuel
> mixture and
> if they are run without oil added to the fuel, they won't have any power and
> may
> seize up. The engine will overheat quickly. If you have run the engine
> without
> oil in the fuel, you may have damaged it and possibly "galled" the pistons
> and bearings. If it still runs, add oil and pray that it is not ruined.
> Only the V-6 and V-8 engines with out drives were 4 cycle engines. Those
> would have been in the boats similar to the Johnson Seasport 155 and Surfer
> models.
> Good luck !
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