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That's a repair I will be making in the future on my '69 Sportsman, also. I
used electrical tape this spring as a temporary patch. My insulation is
just falling off also. It's not fun working in that tight compartment.
Keep me (us) posted on your job. Any lessons learned that you pass on would
be appreciated.


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I have a 1969 Sportsman with the V-6 and I am in need of a internal wiring
harness that goes from the rubber plug at the back of the boat to the motor
components. All I have gotten so far is not in stock anywhere. If I have to
make one I can, but a wiring diagram would work great. The wires are so
deteriated that the insulation just falls off, so I want to make sure I get
the right dolor with the right part!. Any suggestions or help out
there???????? Thanks!


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