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Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 12:51:47 -0700

A few 2x4's slid in under each side of the hull on the 6x6 supporting the stern
should keep the boat level - your plan should work fine - just like putting boat
on blocks at the boat yards. You might just get that boat home after all! Dave

Glenn Halweg wrote:

> Thanks Greg,
> What I have in mind is using a floor jack to raise up the aft end and put a
> 6x6 on jackstands under it. Then do the same with the bow. Boat will be kind
> of tippy but I think it should half way balance. I will have two helpers to
> try and balance it while I pull the one trailer out and back the other one
> under. If that doesn't seem feasible I'll drop it on a couple of 6x6's
> fastened together so it isn't completely on the ground. I do have a 1 ton
> chain hoist that I would use in conjunction with the trailer winch. If worse
> comes to worse I can always grease the bunks.
> I will of course remove the drive unit before trying anything.
> Glenn
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> >I used two forklifts at my work to transfer my boat on to the trailer that
> > I built. I put padding (carpet pieces) over the forks of one and lifted
> > the hull directly at the stern, and used chains with the other forflift
> > postioned on the side perpendicular to the bow to lift at the front
> > cleats.
> > It worked very well. I was going to use an overhead hoist attached to all
> > four cleats or with slings (the way a boatyard crane would do it) but the
> > forklifts were handy so I used those.
> >
> > I wonder if an electric four-post type garage hoist could be used?
> > Winching will likely be very difficult, but possible. The typical trailer
> > winch is not made to pull the full unsupported weight of a boat without at
> > least rollers underneath. If you end up trying to pull the boat up onto a
> > bunk trailer it might be nearly impossible unless the trailer is severely
> > tilted or if the boat is supported high while on the ground (such as with
> > large pipes underneath it.)
> >
> > I wonder if it would be possible to rent a U-Haul car tow dolly and pull
> > the original trailer onto it to make the dolly now act as the trailer axle
> > and wheels? The dolly frame/tongue would have to be securely tied to the
> > underside of the trailer. Of course, even if possible you could not let
> > U-Haul know the real intended use because they would not allow it as they
> > have a strict usage policy.
> >
> > Best of luck Glenn.
> >
> > - Greg Van Vliet
> >
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> >
> > Hello Group,
> >
> > Bought a Shoreland'r trailer for my Rogue. Now have to pick the boat up.
> > I'm trying to decide if I should keep the old trailer or scrap it. Would
> > have to make two 300 mile round trips if I decide to keep it.
> >
> > If anyone has any suggestions on methods to transfer boat from one trailer
> > to the other let me know. There are no means to lift the boat so I'm
> > thinking I might have to set it on the ground and winch it onto the new
> > trailer.
> >
> > Owner of garage where boat and trailer are found a 7.00 X 10 10 ply tire
> > that wasn't showing in his inventory. Wants $75.00 for it if anyone needs
> > one or is interested let me know and I'll pick it up when I retrieve my
> > boat.
> >
> > Glenn
> >
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