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Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 06:41:57 -0700

If it were me in that position, I would look around for a similar
trailer in my area - I would think there must be some in Waukegan? -
then borrow or rent the entire assembly - bearing, hub, wheel and tire -
then take it to shops to find identical parts- or - take it down to your
boat, put it on and get the thing back home - return the wheel and find
new parts. It is very unlikely that anything real bad happened to the
spindle - it may be tough to get the bearing races off if they
overheated, so you would have to have a good bearing puller with you.
The guy at the garage is going to nip you for sure, storage if nothing
else. Too bad I am not in the area - I have three trailers, two of which
are like yours - but there must be one somewhere in you area and I would
bet the owner would help out. Dave

Glenn Halweg wrote:

> David, I'm getting yanked around by the garage owner. Not sure what
> he wants. Say's $500 to rebuild the axle. Or $500 to put the boat and
> trailer on his flat bed and deliver it. My problem is time to deal
> with this boats 3 hrs away. He also say's 4 to 6 weeks to get the
> parts. Glenn
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> Glenn, As I mentioned before when I recommended NAPA, the
> bearings are available and are actually a standard trailer
> bearing, which means there are standard hubs and wheels
> available - you should be able to go in and buy the wheels
> and hubs as a set for a very reasonable price - I paid
> around $45 on the last ones I bought. I don't know if you
> have a Northern Equipment store by you, but that's where I
> get mine. I know you were able to get bearings, if you check
> the OD of the bearings, then the ID of the hub, it will give
> you a good idea as to their working. I had a hub and bearing
> go out on my 17' deluxe - 60 miles away and sitting in a
> farmers yard - went in and bought the hub, wheel, tire and
> bearings for under $60 and they all slid right on. At
> Northern Equipment you can buy complete axle sets, including
> the torsion type used by OMC, for under $200 - so I think
> you need to do a little checking on getting a new hub etc.
> Dave
> Glenn Halweg wrote:
> > Hello Group, Quick recap 1966 Rogue, original trailer.
> > Thought bearing on trailer was burned out turned out hub
> > was shot. Boats still 140 miles away. According to the
> > garage, hubs I got from Tom won't work. They want to
> > rebuild the axle $500.00 + I would be happy to get the
> > boat home. Any ideas? Glenn

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