[omc-boats] Re: OMC Johnson 17' Deluxe

From: NO1BRNCMAN@...
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 23:58:33 EDT

I might Terry still be in the search for an OMC 17' deluxe, the one I bought
is still in the Walmart parking lot after a second attempt failed at
retrieving it. The hubs are wasted and although I was able to get new wheels they
were too big 13" and even though I got the largest hole centers available, they
still wouldn't cinch down all the way, I will have to still turn the centers
a hair. The hubs are loose so I assume that the bearings are history as I
got to roll it out the parking lot and straight back in with them looking like
they are about to come off. So take a good look at yours Terry and tell me
what size the tires are(send me their specs) and their condition as I am not
buying anything that is not road worthy. This other boat has been a real pain in
the ass and already costing me 2 x 300 plus mile trips and still no boat.
send pic as many pics as possible and also of any areas that require work.

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