[omc-boats] Tire breakdown , possibly may have to partout, email needs mama says it goes!!

From: NO1BRNCMAN@...
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 00:38:32 EDT

I was not able to go tonight as I returned too late from work. It wont be
till Thurs at the earliest. Bought some 13" new rims with tires they are rated
at 1450lbs each, should be enouogh my guess and they are are larger to
dissipate the heat that the 9"ers tend to built. They were $168 for 2 . I now have
the task of returning the Walmart brand ones I originally bought with the too
small center openings. They make a 12' rim also but is narrower but they were
not in stock. I will have to remove the fenders for these to work. they have
2 3/4" back spacing so they should work(I hope)!!! It may come to pass that
this boat gets parted out, as it is a long project at best. Mama is not too
happy with the breakdown or look of it so to keep piece it may have to be
parted(not my choice). On a bright notes I may be able to buy a nicer boat as she
has agreed to maybe go that route. Those who emailed me resend info on the
west coast 17' OMC's and they're lowest asking price. The one in FL. may have
been another scam attempt as the owner would not return my latest emails
after I had the FL. DMV run the boat and trailer info he sent. If you get
solicited from a Tony James or anyone iin Tallahassee FL. about a beautiful boat
get a tele # and address and post the info, then I will contact the DMV to
contact their local police for fraud!!!.....Mo in CA

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