[omc-boats] Picked up the 63 omc 17' Deluxe from Chris in Richmond today. HEllofatrip!!!!

From: NO1BRNCMAN@...
Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 21:57:06 EDT

It is now in Pleasanton. The tire separated at top of the hill. Only 170
miles to go. Luckily it did not blow and I babied it 5 miles to the local
walmart. Had to take the tire off and go to the neighboring towns Walmart as they
had the 5 bolt pattern tire. Original size 6.9/9.0-9 spacing for the bolts
is 4.00". They said that they had it mounted but it was a 12" rim and only 4.5
wide. Got 2 and went back. They went on but the centering hole is too small
and would not allow the lug nuts to cinch. So after 3 hours I asked the
police dept. and Walmart manager if it could be left there in the back lot till
Tuesday. I am going to try and have the centers machined .25" so they will fit.
This adventure is getting $$ and time consuming. On a lighter note, it has
the original tilt trailer and the tilt handle is there, also has brakes
although non op have to check, they are aluminum I think( any info on these, there
is no cylinder on the tongue so I assume electric. Lights worked after I
splice a Kragen 4 prong to it and onto my 7 prong adapter. The boat has 5 seat was
that usual, and although it was converted to an outboard, it came with the
I/O unit if I switch it back? Still has the floats under the seats. Need full
resto though. Wish me luck on Tues and that it is still all there.....MO

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