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Note that the Evinrude Trailer Owners Manual recommends on Page 6 that the
axle hubs remain dry if possible and that the tilt bed keeps the rear
rollers be 5 -to 6 inches above water before tilting and 2-to-3 inches after
tilting. This may also require tilting up the sterndrive depending on
slope/depth or fall-off of the ramp.

On my Little Dude with it's wider axle and taller 13-in wheels, my
custom-fitted bunks have the boat sitting up a little bit higher. I normally
submerse my trailer axles, and use more water to help lift the boat on/off
as seen here. I can usually carefully drive it part way on, then hop out the
front and whinch it the rest of the way. You can see the minivan's tailpipe
is partially in the water.

(Sorry, Phil for clogging up the list serv, I hadn't posted that photo onto
my web yet, thanks for sharing it,)

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City

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> I knew you could launch in shallow water because of the rollers (rather
> bunks) and tilt. I had no idea it could be that shallow!
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> Lee Shuster tried to post a scan that explains the features
> of the OMC 16' trailer, but the message size limit on the
> list server didn't allow the message thru.
> Lee's message:
> > Picture's worth a thousand words. Notice how the jack is used here
> > to tilt the trailer. Lower the flip down wheel and it becomes a
> > tongune jack. Just make sure the flip down wheel locks in place.
> The scan can be found at:
> -phil
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