[omc-boats] 16' Trailer tilt

From: Scott Veazie <scottveazie@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 22:52:28 -0700

I was looking at my trailer today (original 1970 Johnson trailer) saying to myself "I know this thing has to tilt somehow" but couldn't find out how. My original trailer jack never has worked, and I never really put much thought into it since I have the add-on trailer wheel jack. The winch stand has a rod connecting the original jack to the lower tongue which also has a rod going through that. Now, I removed the upper rod which freed the trailer to tilt, but this can't be the original way of doing it. How did this originally work? I have the parts manual for the trailer but can't figure this out. Can anybody help me with this one? Pics of your correctly working trailer would be great. Also, I'm looking for the mid size and small rollers, does anybody have any they'd like to sell? One last thing, I'm looking for original side curtains and backlight, my top is good but I'd like to also have the other parts to it. Thanks so much!


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