1970 Johnson Frontrunner

From: Raezn147@...
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 18:33:54 EDT

Just a warning note to all other sellers. After posting my boat with the web
site I received a buy offer from a willy_g95@... I felt right from the
start that there was something just not right with this person. He sent very
unusual E-mails and never questioned the price, location or anything about the
boat. He just was very anxious to get the boat. To make a long story short I
kept asking what payment method he was intending to make. First he wanted to
know if a check was OK, then a money order and so on. He would never answer my
question as to where he was coming from to get the boat or when. Finally heres
the SCAM ! He claimed to have a shipper who he buys and sells all his boats
with that owed him money. He was to send me a money order for $4500.00 and I
was to send his shipper back the $2500.00 and upon his release he would have the
shipper return the $2500.00 . So for all the great Johnson/Evenrude sellers
just a heads up that there is or was a bad guy trying to scam people on this
site. I informed this person that I intended to inform the proper authorities
which I could possilbly be! Needlees to say I havent heard back anything as of
today. My boat is still available. Best of luck and beware.

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Received on Tuesday, 19 April 2005

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