[omc-boats] Refurbished, Used Trailer for sale for 16-foot OMC boat

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 13:07:18 -0600

Hi all,

I'm offering a refurbished Little Dude trailer for sale, that has been
custom-bunked for any 1964 - 1968 Sweet-16, Sport-16, Sportsman, Reveler,
etc. It may also work well with the slightly shorter Playmate and Caprice
with a slight repositioning of the winch stand. The trailer is located in
Salt Lake City. It's road-ready with clear Utah title.

I'm only selling it because I recently upgraded to a trailer with drum

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake City, Utah

For more details and photos see my website at:

web text reads:

Lil' Dude Trailer Only -- For Sale, Spring 2005
I'm selling this Little Dude trailer because I need trailer surge brakes in
the mountains. Especially with my tow vehicle, a minivan, which is only 1200
lbs heavier than the boat & trailer. The entire rig easily stores inside a 8
x 20-foot garage.

In March 2004, I towed the 66 Sportsman and Little Dude trailer some 750
miles from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, without problems. Fresh wheel
bearings and new tires/wheels were installed before departure. The rig tows
well on a 1-7/8-in coupler, with a tongue weight of 150 to 175 lbs,
depending on fuel level in the bow-mounted tank.

While this trailer frame is some 38-years old, it features a host of recent
upgrades and is ready-to-roll, cross-country, today. I have clear title to
the trailer and it is currently registered in Utah. (And no, the boat is not
included.) The trailer can accommodate boats 15 - 17 ft and under 2500 lbs.

Gross Trailer Weight: 2460 lbs (Boat with with full fuel tank: 2010 lbs)

Recent (Summer 2004) improvements to the trailer include:

Bunk Re-fitment: New 2" x 6" bunks were welded in place to increase the
limited chine-to-fender vertical clearance. This trailer has been
custom-fitted by Metal-Craft Trailers of Salt Lake City, to specifically
bunk-fit the "gull-wing" hull of 16-ft Evinrude Sweet-16's, Sportsman's and
Johnson Reveler hulls made from 1964 to 1968.

The center keel rollers were also raised and positioned to support less
weight, but still facilitate loading/unloading. The rear bunks are
approximately 1/3 longer and the newly added, smaller forward bunks help
guide the keel as the hull comes forward. Tilt hinge has been welded to
increase structural rigidity.

Replaced wheel bearings, Spring 2004.

New white-spoke wheels, and (four) new, 13-inch ST radial tires.

Mounted locking spare on tongue. Note: Have extra spare, both spares have
new, never-been-used tires (13-inch ST radials) and original "Little
Dude-logo" baby-moon, chrome hub caps.

New winch and winch strap, as well as relocated bow stop roller.

New trailer lights and detachable, car-to-trailer flat-four harness.

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