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From: Glenn Halweg <glennhalweg@...>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 11:43:41 -0500

Thanks Lee, I plan on getting an early start to allow plenty of time for the unexpected. Here's a pic of one of the tires, seller say's he drove 90 miles like that. He's been oiling all the nuts on a daily basis.

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  Sorry for the false (null) reply. If you don't do it yourself, find a truck or AG tire dealer. Most auto/trailer tire places can no longer mount and de-mount smaller than 13-inch dia tires. Most commercial trucl/Ag tire dealers will mount the tires for you for about $10 per tire.

  You should also be concerned about the conditions of the trailer wheel bearings and brakes. While the trailer wheels is jack up, check for binding. If you don't repack the bearings before your trip, stop and check the bearing temps by feeling the hub temps by hand every 1/2 hr, until you're satisfied they aren't over heating.

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    Hello group,

    Curious if anyone knows what is required to change the tires on the OMC two piece wheels? I bought new tires & tubes for the Rogue I bought last month. I'm planning on picking the boat up this week-end. Don't want to do 150 miles on dry rotted tires. Anyway can I change them myself or should I try and find a service station to do it?



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