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Opps, I goofed. A modern ST205/75-14 tire would be load-range suitable for the 16/17' trailer under your OMC/Johnson Deluxe. Sorry, I copied and pasted the 13-inch info from the smaller trailer and forgot to edit before I hit send.


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Hi Mo,

Here's the detailed trailer data I've been able to gather from various OMC/Johnson/Evinrude documents. Your OMC/Johnson Deluxe is the 17-ft hull and shared the same trailer as the Evinrude/Johnson 16-ft hull. Also a good background on current trailer tire tech info is available at:

There were basically THREE trailer sizes used by OMC/Johnson /Evinrude boats that fit FOUR hull sizes that utilize TWO different Wheel/Tire sizes, on a COMMON bolt pattern, all with a larger center hub hole to accommodate the larger bearings (brakes or no brakes) from 1962 to 1970.

1) --- 14-ft Trailer: 6.90/6.00 x 9-inch, 8-ply (Load Range B), 80 PSI, 5-bolt, on 4.5-inch Bolt Circle (BC) pattern, no brakes offered, unladen weight 580 lbs, gross weight 1760 lbs. (A modern 5.30x12 or ST175/80-13" might be suitable from a load-rating perspective).

2) --- 16-ft/17-ft Trailer: 6.90/6.00 x 9-inch, 8-ply, 80 PSI, 5-bolt, on 4.5-inch BC pattern, surge brakes offered as an option, unladen weight w/ brakes 650 lbs, gross weight 2550 lbs. (A modern 5.30x12" or ST175/80-13" might be suitable from a load-rating perspective).

3) --- 19ft Trailer: 6.50 x 10-inch, 10-ply, 85 PSI, OR 20.5x8 x 10-inch, 10-ply, 5-bolt, on 4.5-inch BC pattern, surge brakes standard, unladen weight 800 lbs, gross weight 3420 lbs. (A modern ST225/75-15 might be suitable from a load-rating perspective).

The earlier years (pre -67?) used a two-piece, split rims, that requires inner tubes. Later models switched to a tubless, one-piece wheel, but dimensionally the wheels are the same. You can use tubes on either style rim and inside a tire designated tubeless.

I haven't tried doing this, but many users have switched to more commonly available tire/wheel combinations, possibly like the ones you are seeing at WalMart. Some issues to keep in mind: 1) You have to make sure to measure the center hub hole on your existing trailer wheel, and make sure the new wheel center hole is large enough (or change the spindles, hubs and bearings on the trailer). 2) Load rating of your replacement tire/wheel, use ST rated or LT, but never P-rated. 3) You also need to clear the fenders with the overall diameter of your new replacement wheel, as most state law require trailers to have fenders. Good luck, hope this info helps.

Lee Shuster

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Anyone know off hand the tire size required and the bolt pattern and spacing for the stock rims for OMC DELUXE type single axle trail. I just got one and I am thinking of buying new tires and rims to take with me just in case the old ones are not up to snuff. Walmart has quite a few sizes about $40 to 50 for the combo. ..........Mo in CA

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