Re: [omc-boats] Spotted on eBay

From: Andy Perakes <aperakes@...>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 08:51:55 -0500

With some TLC, either of these could make someone a very nice boat.

Thanks, Lee! I can always count on you to keep me up on my eBay surfing!

Only a short while left to go before I get the '67 Reveler out. Unfortunately they're predicting 2-4" of snow here in Detroit tonight. This after nearly hitting 70 degrees a few days ago. Might yet go up to visit the Reveler at the lake this weekend or next.
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  A 1968 Evinrude Sportsman 155 (V6) in Michigan, ebay item 4540252317

  A 1964 Johnson Deluxe 150 (V6) in Upstate NY, ebay item 4540268610

  Lee Shuster
  SLC, Utah

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