Re: [omc-boats] Winter restoration

From: LeeHazen@...
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 13:45:28 EST


I've owned 4 Seasport 155s in my days and presently own a Johnson Surfer
needing some work.

The clear coat tends to oxidise on the finish of the boat, especially the
dark areas. I think that one could polish the fiberglass to eliminate the old
clear coat and restore the gloss, then put a new clear coat on to protect the
finish. Get a cover to protect the boat when not in use. The Sun does
more damage to the finish and interior than anything.

That lamp could not be working for a number of reasons. On that boat,
there is a big connector to the right of the instrument panel that allows you
to remove the panel to service it. Check for corrosion and broken wires at
connector. Also, pull all the fuses from the panel and clean every
connection so
it is bright and shiny - fuse box as well. Check for frayed or broken wires
on the panel.

Another connector to check and clean is behind the engine. It is a multi pin
that tends to oxidise and fail. Then, the engine harness itself tends to
and fall apart over time. you might consider making a new engine harness
and splicing it to the wires that come out of the multi pin plug in back.

Moisture does a number on these old boats - especially after 40 years.

Lee Hazen
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