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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 10:27:11 EDT

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<< I'm looking for an original bilge and speedometer for my 1970 Seasport
 My speedometer is long since missing and the bilge/blower sometimes hangs
 up. >>

If you have the original bilge pump/blower, hang on to it ! The motor is
to a heater blower motor in a car. Dissassemble the unit and clean it
thoroughly. Take the motor apart and clean it as well. Clean the
armature with super fine sandpaper or scotchbrite pad so it is shiney.
Lubricate it with "Turbine oil" available at Ace Hardware.

Those blowers are impossible to find. People often trash them when they
should have had the motor rebuilt. I have one disassembled in a box that
came in a parts boat I once had (69 Seasport 155).

Install a float switch to automatically turn on the bilge pump if you keep
boat in the water. It hooks to the battery and the + lead of the blower

Put a fuse in series with the line of an appropriate size - 5-6 amps?.

Lee Hazen
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