[omc-boats] happy ending to this story

From: Thomas Klauber <tklauber@...>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 22:14:25 -0400

They say there are 2 happiest days in boat ownership - the day you buy and the day you sell the boat. Well there is a 3rd happiest day and that is the day your boat runs like you dreamed it could after many years of blood sweat and tears fixing it. I had that day today. I had the wife and kids with me to boot. It was like the master card commercial - priceless. Yeh, it will probably throw a rod next trip out but nothing can erase today! Just a little word of encouragement.... I finally got the valves adjusted - I tightened them 1 turn like the manual said. I fixed the ammeter earlier this summer and noted the ammeter was constantly pegged to +30, so I got a used voltage regulator with an old wiring harness off ebay and wired it in and it works great. I'll order a new V.Reg. this winter and keep one for a spare. I notice the original VR had 2 wires and no ground wire figuring it grounded internally through the metal housing somehow. Those things are just little black boxes to me anyway. Anybody know why the difference? Still got a few things to tend to this winter - rebuild the engine and stern drive wiring harnesses for starters. One last item, I do my boating on the river here near Myrtle Beach and it also serves as the Intercoastal Waterway. The owner of the marina told me today, "you know the heiress to Evinrude passes by here every so often" He sees my Evinrude boat and figured I would get a kick out of that. I bet she's not running up and down the Intercoastal Waterway in an Evinrude boat! Tom K.
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