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Hi Bill:

I have a Sweet 16 OB model just like yours. I would be interested in
your boat and trailer. I am from Rhode Island and my daughter lives in
Springfield, MA. I now live in the Washington DC area.

Thank you,
David Avedesian
Silver Spring, MD
301 938 1811 cell
301 929 9000 home/work

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I've had a Sweet 16 for several years, and it's obvious I'm never going
do anything with it, so I'd like
to give it away. It's the outboard, closed front deck version. There's a
trailer, but it has no wheels.
I'd be glad to get wheels and tires for it for their cost.

I'm in eastern Massachusetts, which I realize is a problem, since most
you seem to be pretty far away.

If you have some interest, please contact me at:

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