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My 67 Sportsman Owner's Manual lists the following:

Check that the spring fuse holder contacts are not corroded or oxidized. Get
some DeOxIt spray and clean both the fuse and the holder contacts. Don't
just "eyeball" the fuse check it for continuity with a test light or ohm

The 14-amps are longer, the 7.5 amps are the shorter panel positions.

14-amp SFE fuses used for: 1) Ignition, 2) Bilge, 3) Horn, 4) Lighter, 5)

7.5-amp SFE fuses used for: 6) Panel Lights, 7) Running Lights, 8) Interior
(chart) light, 9) Tilt

Lee Shuster

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> Anyone have the wiring diagram for the switch pannel for a 1968 Johnson
> Reveler. Specifically the fuse specifications or ratings. My blower seems
> have "failed" so I want to check the correct fuse. I found some missing
> fuses in the meantime and would like to fill the voids.
> Mike
> Bartlett, Il
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