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Here's a good explanation for general theory of operation on fuel gauges & sending units:

Typically, the sender units are what usually go bad, due to the rust and harsh environment of operating within the fuel tank. OMC used the 240 - 33 Ohm spec units. Stewart Warner makes the classic float-arm styles for around $25.00. Usually you have to adjust them to match the depth of your tank, but that's easy on most units. See gauges:

ISSPRO makes what they call the "Ultimate Fuel Sender". It gives a much more reliable level reading, but the sender must be ordered to fit the depth of your tank. These are also about triple the cost of a regular sending unit.

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  Thanks for the advice.


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  I'd start with a general check of the wiring under the dash, especially the grounds.
  If you ran the tank down, you can (easier with a helper) disconnect the leads going form the tank to the guage and put a meter across them. Check the resistance as your helper fills the tank. This will tell you if the problem is with the sending unit in the tank, or within the guage itself.

  Which boat do you have?
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