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Speaking of instruments I just went for my first ride of the summer and
found the my fuel gauge is not working. Any suggestions on where to start
with the diagnosis.

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Excellent topic for more discussion. OMC tended to use top-grade stuff, but
you are right finding the right part to retain the originality is tough. For
example, anyone know who OEM'ed our boats instruments?

Salt Lake
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Anybody out there got any idea on finding out who made component parts for
the Evinrude boats? Like who made the aluminum rub rails for these boats and
sold them to Evinrude? Who made the plastic light lenses? Where did this
stuff come from and how do we go about recreating them to keep our boats
looking good. The remaining spare parts are few and hard to find. Any price
would be reasonable considering the price of a new boat with its attendant
expenses. I've been thinking about this for some time and thought I would
throw it out for discussion. Also I have learned that the best sealer for
the transom seal is 3M 101 Marine Sealant. It is nasty stuff , messy but it
works better than anything else. I tried several types of silicone sealant
and they don't seem to work as well. Hope everyone is enjoying the water
this summer. Be thinking about that winter project. I think I''ll tear down
and re-do the sterndrive. Still got some minor trim in the cockpit to do and
still need to get the wiring shipshape! Tom K.
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