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Subject: Evinrude Sportsman 155
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Here's the latest situation on my Evinrude Sportsman 155 that I have posted
for sale on the OMC webpage. I have decided to cannibalize it and sell it as
a parts boat. I have a friend that needs the 225 V-6 engine for another
vehicle and we'll be pulling it out in the next couple of weeks. After that,
the trailer and remainder of the boat is up for sale as a parts boat if
anyone is interested. Aside from a motor it is basically complete so it
should make a very good parts donor vehicle for someone. I'm willing to
consider any serious offers on it. Here's the link to it on the for sale
page if you want to see pictures, just disregard the price and realize that
you would be buying it less the motor.

Chad Chambers
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