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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 07:45:22 -0500

Thanks Chad -

Not the answer I wanted--but probably true. ;-}

 I've rebuilt car and truck carbs in the past and always got some kind
of kit with all the little replaceable springs, washers and gaskets.
 It's hard top believe I could find such a thing for my Playmate. Any


cj5guy@... wrote:

>Sounds to me liek you're just do a carb overhaul. Seafoam is good stuff and
>it might work, but the only sure way to correct carb problems is a complete
>Chad Chambers
>1967 Evinrude Sportsman 155
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>Subject: 1966 Evinrude Playmate
>Greetings -
>I recently bought a 1966 Evinrude Playmate. If I can get this animal up
>and running I'll post some action pictures.
>So far it has a rebuilt starter, a new water pump, new head gaskets, and
>a new gas pump.
>I need a voltage regulator, a tilt motor for the outdrive, and some good
>luck or maybe advice trying to ungunk the carburetors. It will start
>with liberal use of the choke and it requires frequent choking to stay
>running. This seems to get a little better as I run it more. With the
>throttle wide open and a finger off and on the choke, I can make about 3
>I have been advised to run a lot of SEAFOAM through it. Any other ideas?
>ed oliver
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