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Hi Jamal,

Well, I've only seen a picture of the Caprice somewhere and with that one
having a 90 hp i/o I'd have to say it might be possible to use the Evinrude
Playmate info. Mine has that same engine (a '66), at least I don't suppose
there would be a great deal of difference (if any) in that. The body of the
boat could be another matter but again it is a very similar boat from what I
could see.

I looked to see if I could locate the specific repair manual/parts catalog
but ended up finding only:

If you go to the Evinrude/Johnson link there and then OMC Stern Drives link
you'll see a general repair book for that time period.

Someone else might know of something more specific, it has come up before
within the past year or two.


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> Hello I am a proud owner of a 1968 14' Caprice with a 90hp I/O. I am new
> to this mailing list but I was wondering if anybody had any info on my
> boat I am trying to do some repairs. But I can't seem to find any repair
> books.
> You can email me at jamal_1782@...
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