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Yikes. A reply to the omc-boats-digest? :-) Makes for a lot of extra

Anyhow... Hi back, Thomas. Good point about the carb. Sure hope nothings
wrong in there, had it apart once before and it seemed in fair shape. All
except for a screw covering one of the highspeed jet adjustments (through
the float bowl I believe) which was always loosening (ever have fuel
spilling out into the bilge hold? I did). Apparently because of a bad nylon
washer I still haven't replaced. The reed valves didn't seem perfect either
but not bad I guess. The rest I couldn't tell much about.

And yep, I haven't given up yet. Thanks for the encouragement.

Bob H.

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> HI - Always start with the easy things to check - make sure the plug wires
> are routed to the correct plugs - check the wiring connections that are
> exposed and accessable
> (the ones that get in the way of mechanics and get bumped or loose or
> corrode such as power or ground wires ). Watch the fuel flow through the
> carbeurator. You could be running on the idle circuit and not getting flow
> duringpowerdue to something like a stuck or fuel logged float. Get a SELOC
> manual if you want to keep the boat. Start one thing at a time and don't
> give up. The boats are worth keeping and your efforts will slowly begin to
> pay off. Happy Boating! Tom K.
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