boat in water lack of power when in gear

From: bob h <omniverse@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 19:59:55 -0500

Hi to everyone. A little update story about my '66 Evinrude Playmate.

I think I just said it all in the subject line. Today is the first time in
several years my boat has been afloat and engine running. As good as that
sounds it was disappointing when the engine failed to remain running while
the stern drive was in gear. It would just slow to a stop in a matter of
seconds. Figuring it to be timing I made sure the breaker points were set
accurately but I didn't get much farther than that. Was with my Dad helping
him (and he helped me) with his 40HP Force outboard which seems to have a
faulty starter solenoid. He talked about how the model T cars used a spark
advance lever or something, but he doesn't know anything about these old OMC
motors. I'll need to recheck throttle linkage cam setting later on after
reading up about it in the repair manual.

Anyway, that wasn't the major part of the disappointment. It turns out the
water pump is able to work after some trial and error but I made the mistake
of leaving the "vernatherm" and associated valves of the thermostat out of
the motor housing. Was thinking it would be better to get all the water flow
possible in case there were any temporary flow restrictions elsewhere. Bad
idea. The motor started to overheat. So I gave up on it for the day. Not
sure if I'll get back to it Sunday. Seems I don't spend enough time going
over everything, I get through one portion of do-it-yourself Mechanics and I
quit for the day. The days being weeks apart too, more often than not.

Parents 50th anniversary is coming up and I've been helping get "projects"
done at their house, and place at the lake, before next week. Backyard
driveway, patio, screened room just to name a few. Sure was nice sitting out
on the water in my own boat again anyway. My Dad suggests selling it and
getting a reliable jon or bass boat with outboard. If I weren't so into this
cool old boat I wouldn't think twice. I'll let you all know how it goes
either way.

The End.

Bob H.
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