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Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 20:02:38 -0500

Yes that is me.
I have read all of your responses. I can not get out on the water just yet
to test some things. I certainly will award the proper decorations when the
time comes.
The prop on there now is 14" and it is the same one I had last year. I
rebuilt the motor over winter and am concerned that the answer lies in fuel
air spark... somewhere.

I will tell all as soon as I hit the water! Thanks again for all of your
helpful suggestions.

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> To the guy who cant get any speed out of his boat: What are you using for
> a prop? There are some "power" props out there with only a 14 or 16 inch
> pitch, that won't get you any speed. If this is what you are using, you
> should jump to the red line very quickly, without getting up any speed and
> possibly not even getting into plane. You need a prop with a 20 inch
> or better. Unfortunately, these are hard to find.
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