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From: Jed Doty <jeddoty@...>
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 16:23:42 -0700

on 6/8/02 2:58 PM, Eric Graczkowski at ericg@... wrote:

Question about conditions under a load.
I have a Sportsman 150 with a V6. At idle I have no problems in forward or
reverse. When I open the throttle, in gear it never winds out. I can get 11
mph tops. When it is in neutral the motor winds up like a top, no problems.
Where should I start? Could this be a timing advance problem? It only bogs
down (but not completely off) when it is in gear.
Many thanks ahead of time.
1966 Sportsman


When I first purchased my SeaSport I had the same problem. I checked timming
etc. It turned out that the ball valve under the accelerator pump in the
carb was varnished in place. At the time I was busy working on another boat
for a customer and didn't have time to rebuild it myself. I have never
trusted rebuilt carbs and should have purchased a new one. Instead I took it
to an associate boat mechanic who rebuilt it. It now winds out just fine,
but there is a lag on initial throttle.

I hoping to find an off 4 barrel manifold for the engine and install a small
Holley 4 barrel. Holley makes a really nice 450 cfm, that can be converted
to marine, but the cost of manifold and carb is close to $800.00

Jed Doty
69 SeaSport
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