Re: Just an introduction of myself (new list member).

From: bob h <omniverse@...>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 16:19:14 -0500

Hi Greg, and welcome.

Great price you got it for. Seen the pictures and it looks nice. Interesting
instrument panel too. Of course, I wouldn't have a clue what model that is.
Really hope you do get it out on the water okay and in less time than a
couple years. I made the mistake of letting mine sit too long, neglecting it
after engine trouble, and so I got used to not having a boat just like
before I bought mine. Now I'm able to hear (and see) it running again after
finally replacing some parts. Only to find the trouble might have been a
faulty breaker point retaining screw all along. I still need to check on the
water pump before it eventually goes back in the water. I'm not seeing a
flow out the stern.

Hey, maybe we'll see talk of pulling skiiers, early morning fishing,
sightseeing, general fun stuff here on the mailing list someday instead of
only things like repair, restoration, troubleshooting. I don't recall any of
that in the past anyway :-)

Wishing you much success.

Bob H.
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