Sportsman 120, 16 ft.

From: Glosser, Rick Jr. (IndSys, SalemVA) <Rick.Glosser@...>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 09:33:50 -0400


        I found a 1967 16' Sportsman 120 on a friends property which had
been sitting for some time in the woods. Thinking that this would be an
opportunity to get a boat and trailer cheap I bought it for $250 (Not bad
considering it has the entire outdrive). That was 2 years ago I have
complete redone the gelcoat, the interior and the transom. Now I am
rebuilding the electric outdrive (all components look good) but I am having
trouble tracking down parts. Does anyone know where to find quality parts
for this model, I have quite a lot of effort in to this project, and don't
want to see it killed for lack of quality replacement parts.

        I have ordered parts from several companies over the internet and
have been disappointed to say the least, so any recommendations you have
would be greatly appreciated.

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