Re: Sweet 16 Update

From: bob h <omniverse@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 13:50:39 -0500

A switch is a minor thing, unless you hate wiring :-) I know those wires
under the dash can look like an old phone switchboard.
I'm awaiting cooler temps later in the week before I delve back into my
boats fuel line troubles. Heat wave here in AL, at the mid-90's. At least it
runs now, I had given up all hope a few years ago and there it sat
neglected. Well, like a caring nurse I tended to it a little through the
seasons. I'm just happy the motor runs, and I can envision it planing over
the water again already.
You seem to have more going for it there anyway than I did all that time.

Bob H.

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Subject: Sweet 16 Update

Checked ignition switch last night - I think it's junk. I'm reasonably
certain I had checked it before (last year!) and it was working, but that
may have been one it's last flings. We'll start with a new switch.
Fortunately themagneto has spark.

Michael F
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