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> hi my name is Todd DeBockler i live in P.A i am the
> owner of a evenrude 15.5 foot inboard outboard boat looks
> just like the boat in national geographic 1965 except the
> one in the mag is a outboard when i got the boat there
> was no trailer i finally picked up a trailer i dont know
> much about boats put i am mechanical the motor is
> out of the boat i was told the motor was thought to be
> sized but when it was taken out all the matter was the
> starter nose was cracked and the starter gear was jamed
> now with the boat on trailer i will put motor back in
> any help sugestions will be appricated thanks todd
> bocky@...

Hi Todd,

Have you got the model or serial numbers, those help a lot
to discern what's what.
If you haven't seen it already, I put a color wiring
schematic online which could be downloaded and followed
easier (IMHO) than the B&W original it was traced over. It
probably follows a few boats/years in general, but is
basicly for the '66 Evinrude 90HP I/O OMC.'65-'68%20OMC%20Wiring%20Schematic.jpg

[sorry but %20's and capital letters must be used in above

Although I haven't pulled my motor out or even dismantled it
(yet) beyond the carburator I have some leakage at the back
where the block meets the transom housing. So if anything,
you'll want to get a good seal on that.

Bob Hughes
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