Re: voltage drop [have color-coded diagram for anyone]

From: Michael Frenn <semsc@...>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:30:03 -0700

Wiribng diagrams?!

I do! I do! I do!

Michael F

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Subject: Re: voltage drop [have color-coded diagram for anyone]

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> "Michael Frenn" <semsc@...> wrote:
>> Hey, Bob:
>> Ditto on the list comments!
>> On your OMC, that has an alternator?
>> My '65 doesn't have anything but I've found a generator
>> kit. Very pricey
>> ($400), but if you want to night fish, might be good to
>> have.
>> Michael Frenn
>Hi Michael,
>Yes, alternator mounted to the flywheel actually. Converted
>to DC via diodes.
>Heck, what isn't expensive for these old boats? Gasoline
>maybe again :^)
>Anyone want a wiring diagram, a jpeg file, which has been
>colored in? I have scanned one of the more generalized ones
>I have here and painted in the wires so I could follow it
>easier. Was a B&W copy from a repair manual which the
>previous owner had made, a bit rough looking but anyone
>familiar at all with their boat should be able to make it
>out okay enough. It's for the '65 tp '68 OMC motors.
>Just go to the following URL and right-click on the image
>and Save Target as... (or whatever your web browser allows,
>most people know how). Hope I'm not copyright infringing
>too much by uploading it and letting people grab a copy.
>Any complaints and I'll just remove it.
>The URL must be entered exactly as shown.
>Bob Hughes
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