voltage drop in '66 OMC

From: omniverse@...
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 15:40:42 -0400

Hi to all on this list.

Happy to know the mailing list is alive, I was beginning to
think it came to a halt as of the "digest" startup. Maybe
if I write some things myself... so:

Checking my boat out last weekend I found a voltage drop at
the coil and voltage regulator, about 6 volts instead of an
expected 12 V.
Guess I'll be searching for a short in the circuit next
time. But I at least have a cleaner boat now, less two bird
nests and many wasps, washed and waxed.
I checked the diodes for continuity and they seem okay, got
a reading of about 700 for the positive pair and 500 for the
negative pair (I sure hope that's okay anyway). My repair
book seems to only say a descrepency between the pair
themselves is a bad thing; and that a high reading in one
polarity versus a low reading in reversed polarity for each
diode itself is good.
If anyone knows otherwise please don't hesitate to speak up,
I'm all ears.

Bob Hughes
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