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From: Phil Budne <phil>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 12:25:46 -0400 (EDT)

> From: "Michael Frenn" <semsc@...>
> Subject: Gray Shark
> Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 08:45:10 -0700
> Hey, Phil:
> I know the Gray Shark is supposed to be in the Gallery. I can't find it.
> Did you take it down? What is the gallery category? Sorry to be such a
> barnacle!
> Michael Frenn

I just fixed the problem a few minutes ago! I had long wanted to
split up the photo gallery, and I did it this weekend, dividing the
boats up by model; I created a seperate page for Sweet 16's, but left
it out of the index!

I just decided to move the "gallery index" up to the main page, but I
haven't yet fixed the "back to" links on the individual gallerys...

I've always to create a database which listed all the boats on the
gallery and for sale pages, so you could do a search, but that hasn't
happened yet, so I figured some reorganization was better than none,
the page was getting very long.

Recent additions (in the last month or so), by age;

        Bob Hughes' 1966 Playmate
        Bill Green's 1968 Sportsman 120 (lost on a Kentucky Mtn in 1998)
        Gregory Fell's 1969 Sportsman 155
        Jim Medore's 1969 Sportsman 120

When I got your mail, I was in the process of updating the links on
the main page, I had just gotten to the "engines section", which ties
into something I've been wondering about; Are there any good places
for people to post engine-related questions?

A gem I recently found is VMSL.COM (Vintage Marine Sales Literature);
they sell old brochures and manuals. The full (non Chris-Craft) list
I downloaded showed a number of manuals for Evinrude boats, as well as
some literature for the Gull-Wings made by Chris-Craft from the old
OMC molds!

Since traffic on the list has picked up, and I recall at least one
person asking if they could get the list in "digest" form (multiple
messages bundled into a single mailing). If there's interest, I'm
willing to look into it (rather than lose anyone due to the annoyance
of receiving lots of messages).

The main omc-boats web page counter is now over 47,000 page views!
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