rotten sweet 16

From: joe sibilia <joesibilia@...>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 00:38:27 -0000

I have started to fix-up my 1964 Sweet 16 outboard hull (no engine yet). It
has a totally rotten transom. I've dug out almost all the rot but now am
deciding on how to do the repair. I am considering plywood as was original
but treated with CPES, then glassing over. I'm also considering pouring the
new transom from the composite sold by Seawolf in Fla. Anyone have
experience? advice for a novice? Also, the floor feels totally solid, not
mushy at all, yet since the transom was rotten, I'm worried about the
stringers. Does anyone know how the floor boards (sole) are fastened to the
stringers, and how I can get a look under without doing damage? Any and all
words of wisdom welcomed. With any luck she'll see the water in 2002.

Regards to all,
Joe Sibilia

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