Johnson Boats

From: Kirk Hoffman <kchmn@...>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 08:39:49 -0600 (CST)

Hello Group,
I have just become the owner of a Johnson 17ft. I.O. 110 Hp. boat.
Ithink it is a pretty unique lttle boat. I am planning on restoring it.
it is on a Johnson trailer that needs to be re-built too.Evidently the
boat was stored outside and the drain hole got plugged with leaves. When
the boat filled up, the trailer couldn`t handle the weight and
collapsed. So it needs to be straightened and re-enforced. The boat sems
to be in pretty good condition, but the engine is stuck tight and the
block is cracked. I have a mercruiser engine which is also the Chevy 4
and will try to use it with the Johnson outdrive. The only problem might
be the exhaust connection, as he manifolds are different. The manifold
off the Johnson was completely ruined by freezing or rusting so I have
to either use the Merc or find another Johnson manifold, since I am on a
strict budget (no money) I guess I wil have to rely on afro engineering
to get it working. This should be a fun project. I wil be looking for a
source for things like seat parts and lots of small parts that wll need
replacing. Nice to be in this group, Thanks
Kirk Hoffman
Received on Friday, 16 February 2001

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