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Surfer 1966-67 8/30/2017

Looking for; Engine cover (see pic) Medallion "surfer" aft deck (904137) Dash panel assembly "200hp" (977476) intake vents port/steering side

Make: Johnson
Model: 19' Surfer
Year: 1966
Engine: V-8 200HP
Contact: Lehman.hetzuiden(at)
Location: Netherlands europe
Model number: 444203R

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Looking for an Evinrude 14' (sport 14') or 16' (Sweet 16') boat from 60's/70's 12/18/2017

Looking to locate an Evinrude Boat from late 60's to mid 70's that I can drop my vintage outboard (of the same name) on the transom. I'm stuck here in the northeast (Boston area) & looking for a worthy hull to restore this winter. Any leads are greatly appreciated & email contact is best for me. Fellow AOMC member! Stay warm all (unless of course you're in FL!!)

Boat Name: NA
Make: Evinrude
Model: Sport '14
Engine: Outboard
Asking: willing to pay for the perfect project.
Contact: bmoreau03(at)
Location: Boston, MA
Model number: NA
Hull serial number: NA

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Wanted: Evinrude Sweet 16 or Sport 16 outboard 3/29/2018

Looking for a Sweet 16 or Sport 16 outboard. Must be structurally sound, originality and completeness important, needing some cosmetics or mechanical updates OK, not as concerned about outboard or trailer.

Make: Evinrude
Model: Sweet '16
Engine: Outboard
Contact: billsemailstuff(at)
Location: Tampa, FL area

Wanted OMC Deluxe V6 butterfly engine covers...three piece design 1/3/2019

Added a V* to my 62 boat....the V4 engine covers will not fit...looking for a set of V6 engine covers the butterfly type for my 17' Deluxe

Make: OMC
Model: 17' Deluxe
Year: 1963
Engine: V-8
Contact: underwater749(at)
Location: ontario

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