OMC Boats For Sale (2020)

The following boats have been reported as for sale. Nothing more has been confirmed. Dated information has been left in place for reference.

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1966 johnson reveler and factory trailer 8/10/2020

I am third owner. First owner, 1966-1985 was stored inside at owners summer cottage in UP of MI, used 3 weeks per summer, on inland lake. Second owner, 2 cottages over on lake purchased from estate of original owner, used most weekends Memorial Day - Labor Day 1985-1990,stored in garage and lean to until I purchased July of last yr. Have gone thru everything needed to make it a turn key boat, new carpet, new hoses, new belts, new rubber fuel lines, clean and sand blast interior of gas tank, POR liner in tank, new valve cover gaskets, new marine battery, new fuel filter, clean and rebuild fuel pump, clean and rebuild carb, new plugs points and cond. flush and service i/o gearcases, filled w-type C lube, all boat lights work, all trailer lights work, trailer bearings checked and greased, new tubes in all three tires. I have driven the boat aprox 30 mi on 3 outings, 42 mph with me and the toolbox onboard!!

Boat Name: unnamed
Make: Johnson
Model: 16' Reveler
Year: 1966
Engine: V-6 150HP
Asking: 2000
Contact: keith4christ-2(at)
Location: Gladstone, MI (49837)
Model number: 232803 R
Hull serial number: WI-16801

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65 playmate 7/9/2020

had this boat for several years used it for many summers lost interest, outdrive started leaking water, bought parts, have not made time to work on it. bought newer boat keeping trailer for other boat

Boat Name: none
Make: OMC
Model: 14' Playmate
Year: 1965
Engine: V-4 90HP
Asking: 1
Contact: b714(at)
Location: bedford, indiana

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For Sale Good windshield 6/3/2020

Good windshield came off a 1963 Johnson Deluxe

Make: Johnson
Model: 17' Deluxe
Year: 1963
Asking: $100.00
Contact: Hog46UL(at)
Location: Huntington, NY

UPDATE 1969 Evinrude 19' Rogue Sport Fisherman 9/3/2019 5/2/2020

This was purchased in 1969 by the SD GF&P where my dad was a warden...he went to Chicago and picked it up himself and it was sort of his boat while a warden in Watertown SD. After retiring many years later (probably 20 years ago) he saw it for sale and bought it and put it in one of my sheds and it was always his mission to get it up and running. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years back and I haven't had time to tinker with it. The little I do know is it needs to be rewired. The motor turns over but he never did finish it and get it back in the water. Has been in on of my buildings since he bought it.

Make: Evinrude
Model: 19' SportsFisherman
Year: 1969
Asking: Negotiable
Contact: leealundie(at)
Location: Bruce, SD
Model number: 433506A
Hull serial number: WI-31342

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1970 Evinrude Dolphin 210 OMC Engine and oricginal trailer 4/16/2020

All original except the two back seats have been recovered. Outdrive has been resealed.

Make: Evinrude
Model: 19' Dolphin
Year: 1970
Engine: V-8 210HP
Asking: $5495.00
Contact: leesmarine(at) or 864-224-3338
Location: Anderson SC


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